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The Team

The Berlin Center for Advanced Therapies (BeCAT) is managed programmatically and organizationally by a steering committee. Support is provided by a steering group consisting of the leading scientists, advisory representatives of the faculty management of the Charité, the BIH and the recently appointed junior faculty.
Prof. Petra Reinke has been appointed Founding Director.
She is in charge of a so-called development team.

Information on the participating working groups with the contact details of the working group leaders can be found here.


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The Development Team

Cordula Giesler

Administration & Central Services

Hilke Schmidts

Administration & Central Services

Anett Sefrin

Clinical Research Nurse

Dr. Leila Amini

Head of Regulatory Affairs & Deputy Head R&D

Daniel Kaiser

Head of Quality Management & Control (QM/QC)

Dr. rer. nat. Andy Römhild

Head of Manufacturing

Dr. Dimitrios Laurin Wagner

Head of Research and Development (R&D)

Carola Beier

Deputy Head of Manufacturing & Laboratory Management

Henrike Hoffmann

Deputy Head Quality Control (QC)

Sandra Münch

Deputy Head Quality Management (QM) & Employee QC

Enrico Fritsche

Employee Regulatory Affairs

Martin Gutte

Employee Manufacturing Area

Jaspal Kaeda

Employee Regulatory Affairs

Jonas Kath

Employee Research and Development (R&D)

Dr. Michael Schmück-Henneresse

Employee Research and Development (R&D)

Maik Stein

Employee Manufacturing Area and Employee R&D

Insa Stüwe

Employee Manufacturing Area & Batch Responsible

Tatiana Zittel

Employee Manufacturing Area and Employee R&D