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Kick-off meeting of the EU funded project geneTIGA

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Professor Petra Reinke, director of BeCAT and project coordinator of geneTIGA, invited to Mecure Hotel MOA Berlin from 28-29.09.2022 for the kick-off meeting of the EU funded project geneTIGA.
The event, which was organized by INN-ACTA and could also be attended virtually via Zoom, was attended by all members of the project. Also included were Mr. Mirko Lo Cicero of the European Commission's European Executive Agency for Health and Digital Affairs (HaDEA) and Professor Christopher Baum, Director of the Translational Research Unit of Charité and Chairman of the BIH Board of Directors.

The joint welcome by the project coordinator and her deputy, Dr. Dimitrios Laurin Wagner, was followed by a presentation by Mr. Lo Cicero on HaDEA and its expectations under the Horizon Europe program.
The introduction of the project coordinator on the one hand and the funding authority on the other hand were followed by a welcome speech of Prof. Baum representing the board of directors of the Charité.

During the two-day meeting, the following topics were covered:

  • Introduction to background and expertise of each partner
  • Presentation of the project goals
  • Explanation of the project benefits
  • Explanation of the project plan
  • Roles, tasks, responsibilities and competences.

Following each session, there was a comprehensive discussion on the scientific objectives and the necessities of a close networking of the individual work packages from the beginning, as well as suggestions for the scientific processing of the tasks.

The organizers agree that the kick-off meeting laid the foundation for a successful project start.
Special thanks go to the members of the external advisory board, who were almost completely present and contributed to the success of this kick-off meeting and team building through their constructive contributions to the discussion.
The advisory board is composed of:

  • Dr. Antonia Cronin
  • Dr. Sebastian Sethe
  • Prof. Stephen Gottschalk
  • Dr. Ignacio Anegon
  • Prof. Stefan Mundlos

Further information on the project can be found here.


 All necessary contact details can be found on the subpage "Team".

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