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The Vision

The Berlin Center for Advanced Therapies (BeCAT) is a complex research and development center for innovative ATMP-based therapy concepts.
The goal of the center is to bring these novel therapy concepts into clinical practice quickly and in the sense of precision medicine (individualized medicine) in order to contribute to the improvement of quality of life, survival and health economy.

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A new research building at the heart of BeCAT

Starting with preclinical research on novel and clinically relevant in vitro and in vivo models, BeCAT takes the step into clinical research. This enables the first-time testing of new Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) on patients (first-in-human).
In addition, the Center will provide new ideas for further product improvement through a step-by-step repetitive optimization process. The optimization process is based on accompanying (biomarker) research throughout product development and application.
Regarding the implementation in Investigator Initiated Trials (clinical studies initiated by researchers or investigators), BeCAT can fall back on a proven, internationally recognized infrastructure for early clinical studies at the Charité in cooperation with the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH). The equipment ranges from Phase I study units (CRO) and professional study monitoring units (KKS) to certified study laboratories (ISL), clinical research units (CRU) and state-of-the-art biobanks.
The heart of BeCAT will be the new research building with a state-of-the-art modular GMP laboratory unit, in which the production of all ATMP classes will also be possible in combination with biomaterials up to 3D bioprinting.

The integrative approach based on innovation and quality will help to play a leading role in national and international research networks.